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The Color of Emotion

It’s a challenging time. Are you in touch with how you are feeling? What outlets are you using to process the emotions that today’s changing world is eliciting from you?  Emotions can be irrational, confounding, and thought provoking. Emotions can be stimulating and revealing. Emotions must be managed, not suppressed or repressed. Emotions must be processed, not allowed to fester. Emotions innately require to be understood and learned from, not be swept aside. Emotions enable us to embrace life. Without feelings where is the texture in life’s experiences? When you allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions, it...

Positivity = Creativity

What is the relationship between positivity and creativity?

Cultivating Creativity

Do we need to focus more on cultivating creativity? Do you find yourself being so over consumed with everyday life that you neglect your creative well-being?  Research shows a gap exists between the value that we place on creativity and how we use our creative muscles. Find some suggestions to ignite our creARTive self.

Use Your Artistic Canvas with Signage

Signs both outside and inside a storefront are powerful tools for a business. What can your business use signs for? Read more.

29 Days of L-O-V-E

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we’ve created a daily list of to-dos for the month of February. Love is truly all you need. We are designed to love and be loved. Embrace the season of love and commit to be loving ALL year round.