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Use Your Artistic Canvas with Signage

Signs both outside and inside a storefront are powerful tools for a business. What can your business use signs for?

  • To draw customers in
  • To capture people’s attention  
  • To promote a temporary offer
  • To decorate your space
  • To guide clients through the store

Your storefront is a canvas. Use the space to convey what business or service you offer. The signs you put around your store are often your first opportunity to engage with the buying public. Prominently display your logo to create brand awareness. Post your hours of operation so potential customers know when you’re open. The style and messaging on storefront signs should project the image you want customers to have so give it some real thought. 

The importance of signage continues once patrons enter your business. Give instructions such as wait for a table. Indicate where items/products are located. Post payment options. Direct folks to the restrooms or changing rooms. Encourage customers to speak to staff with conversation prompts like “ask about today’s special”. A good sign reflects your business and connects with a person in a meaningful way. After all, signs serve a purpose. Storefront signs are not only informative, but are used to build brand awareness and create superior customer experiences. Window decals can spruce up your store front while also advertising your product or service. Banners and A-frames allow you to advertise special promotions. Whatever the type of sign, messaging and design are key to how effective a sign is. Here are some tips.

  • Create signs that are legible.
  • Brevity is best. No need to be too wordy. 
  • Make sure fonts are easy to read. Stay away from all capital letters as they are difficult to see from a distance.
  • If you use multiple colors in your sign, they should contrast. 
  • The color white shows up best on windows.
  • Include calls to action (such as “come in”) if appropriate. 
  • Keep information on signage current (especially business hours or special offers).
  • Maintain a consistent style and tone across all signs.  
  • And, most importantly, be creative. Use signage to express your business’ personality.

Signing off!