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Let’s Be Thankful

Inspiring a Thankful Spirit

A simple step to being more thankful is to pause during each day and ask yourself “what am I thankful for today”.  Give it some real thought. Pick a time of day that works for you (maybe before you get out of bed or when you are in the car) so that you are certain to reflect and identify what you are thankful for.  It’s worth doing this exercise.  

A thankful mindset positively affects our way of living...bottom line. But how?

Fall into Fall

Fall means the businesses of family life resumes. It’s good for everybody to get back into a routine. Yet truthfully, it can be difficult to fall into Fall. So, we need to change our mindsets to embrace a new schedule, a new rhythm to life. One thing on minds during this time of year is how do we manage the day-to-day effectively and keep the vibe as stress-free as possible. Look it may feel daunting, but you’ve got this. Let’s explore a few tips to help us get into the Fall swing. 

Living Inspired

What is inspiration? An inspiration is the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions. Profound stuff! So, why not live your life seeking it wholeheartedly...surrounding yourself with it? 

We are all inspired in different ways, by different things, through different people, and at different times. Inspiration is all around you and can appear at a moment’s notice. Let’s explore how to engage your inspired self. 

Get Your Back-to-School “Artsy” On

It’s August, which means we’re unwinding from summer and winding up for back-to-school. This means it’s time to get creative. Are you asking yourself why? 

School preparation presents opportunities to express oneself. Just think about it for a moment…picking out the color of your backpack, buying new school year clothes, labelling items you bring to school like notebooks and computers with stickers, and decorating classrooms or dorms.