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Nurturing a Grateful Spirit

Gratitude is defined as a feeling of appreciation or thanks. Human beings often struggle with living out an attitude of gratitude. We are human after all. However, studies show that practicing gratitude most definitely affects your general health and happiness. So, let’s pause now to explore ways to cultivate gratitude in your life. Take notice.  Be aware of your own behavior. Do you find yourself complaining, gossiping or being negative? Your words greatly impact your life. All thoughts do not need to be expressed. And, thoughts can be redirected. You are responsible for your own thinking so be mindful. Change...

Instructions to Install your Decal

If you are looking for a decor change, motivational or inspirational wall art, or business signage, then wall decals are a real option for you. Wall decals are cost-effective and easy to apply & remove. And, most importantly, vinyl wall decals are customizable.  All you need is to share your vision with an expert, who will collaborate on your project. And, when your vinyl decal arrives, follow the below application instructions.  Prep Work After unpacking a decal, you may need to lay the decal on a flat surface to let it relax. Use a hard but gentle edge (squeegee, credit...

Outside the Box Thinking

How do you spark fresh ideas? Here are some simple activities to help you think in innovative ways.   Simplify and meditate. The  very process of figuring out how to explain a complex problem in simple terms results in an innovative solution. Breathe in and listen. You may end up unleashing an unexpected new intellection.  Understand the why. Asking the why reveals new perspectives and makes way for creative thinking. Openness to all ideas leads to the best ones. Try something new. Maybe approach a problem from a different angle than usual. Give yourself time to ponder prior to replying to...

The Right of Self Expression

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The Bill of Rights, AMENDMENT I  Freedom of expression is an inalienable human right and the foundation of our democratic society. It encompasses the freedoms of speech, press, religion, petition, assembly, and association without compromising personal privacy. It is the ability of an individual to express emotions, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs without censorship. Freedom of...

The Color of Emotion

It’s a challenging time. Are you in touch with how you are feeling? What outlets are you using to process the emotions that today’s changing world is eliciting from you?  Emotions can be irrational, confounding, and thought provoking. Emotions can be stimulating and revealing. Emotions must be managed, not suppressed or repressed. Emotions must be processed, not allowed to fester. Emotions innately require to be understood and learned from, not be swept aside. Emotions enable us to embrace life. Without feelings where is the texture in life’s experiences? When you allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions, it...