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The Color of Emotion

It’s a challenging time. Are you in touch with how you are feeling? What outlets are you using to process the emotions that today’s changing world is eliciting from you? 

Emotions can be irrational, confounding, and thought provoking. Emotions can be stimulating and revealing. Emotions must be managed, not suppressed or repressed. Emotions must be processed, not allowed to fester. Emotions innately require to be understood and learned from, not be swept aside.

Emotions enable us to embrace life. Without feelings where is the texture in life’s experiences? When you allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions, it evokes inspiration. In fact, the wellness of our mind, body and soul depend upon dealing with and releasing feelings. 

When emotions are allowed to move through you, feelings can enliven you and fuel your creativity. Using the expressive arts (writing, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, photography, cooking, etc.) offers a means to process your feelings and meet yourself right where you are.

Expression is the process of making known your thoughts or feelings. Therefore, art reflects the inner state of the artist. The process of artistic creation is most definitely a means to work through what’s felt within. The expression of feelings based on our experience and perspective constitutes the mere necessity of the creation of art. Art is specially connected with the life of feeling...just look within and reflect upon what art form you use to process yours.. 

The creative process is complex involving all the mental processes in human beings. Analysis of expressiveness in art combines the artist’s emotions and those of the participant who is moved to emotion by the work of art. Recollect how a movie makes you cry, a song makes you reminisce, a photo makes you smile. Art makes you and the artist feel at the very core. 

Express yourself through all things creative. As either the artist or the admirer of art, celebrate where emotion meets up with true vitality.