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Defining Moments

Our lives are made up of moments. A single moment can change our life’s trajectory. Because of this, taking time to reflect on defining moments is important to self discovery. How do you go about this exercise? Introspection   Can you recollect a moment that significantly impacted the direction of your life? Reflect back on your meaningful moments. They can be big or small, but must be poignant.  Insight  What do these moments have in common? What do they reveal about your character? What strengths and weaknesses did they bring forth? How did you express them? Did you notice this at...

The Heart and Mind Love Connection

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind."  -William Shakespeare, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" This quote turns out to be literal. Love is a matter of the heart we say. But, are you aware of the impact love has on one’s mind? With Valentine's Day being celebrated this month, it seems appropriate to explore this connection.  Studies show that when people look into the face of the person who they love, specific brain areas light up. In case you are interested, the specific areas include the medial insula, the anterior cingulate cortex, and segments of the dorsal striatum....

It's a New Year...Again

Perhaps the transition from 2020 to 2021 is a chance to reframe the idea of a New Year’s resolution. Life is a journey. ‘Try, try again’ is not just an old adage. Today is a new day. Tomorrow presents its own opportunities. Do not expect perfection; expect adventure. Life is our largest canvas. It affords us the freedom to make choices that result in real outcomes. And, if we want to shift direction, we can.  Reformation does not only occur in the new year. But, it is that time of year when we generally pause to reflect and redirect. If...

Joy of the Season & Beyond

Christmas is one of the most anticipated times of year for children of all ages. It’s a time of giving and making memories. The holiday season is filled with joyful sights and sounds. How do you carry that merriment throughout the year? Living joyfully is a choice. To do so, takes commitment and requires awareness. Do you want to master the art of joyful living? Try integrating the following actions to build joy in your everyday life. Choose Joy Examine your life. This exercise will reveal what you value. Are you choosing stress, unrest, and disappointment? Stop waiting to be...

Nurturing a Grateful Spirit

Gratitude is defined as a feeling of appreciation or thanks. Human beings often struggle with living out an attitude of gratitude. We are human after all. However, studies show that practicing gratitude most definitely affects your general health and happiness. So, let’s pause now to explore ways to cultivate gratitude in your life. Take notice.  Be aware of your own behavior. Do you find yourself complaining, gossiping or being negative? Your words greatly impact your life. All thoughts do not need to be expressed. And, thoughts can be redirected. You are responsible for your own thinking so be mindful. Change...