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Positivity = Creativity

Creativity requires a certain state of mind. Studies show that an increase in positive emotions leads to a broader thought-action repertoire. Basically, a happy, optimistic perspective opens your mind and ignites your creative side.

Findings suggest that if we want to live with a positive state of mind then we must start with building an upbeat environment. If we intentionally focus on fostering an optimistic attitude, then we open doors to ingenuity. The way this creativity takes shape in each of our lives differs; it’s personal. Express yourself authentically through art, a new idea, an original thought process, work, a unique activity...just commit to do it. You will thank yourself. 

If you want to think innovatively and spark creativity, then here are some tips to elevate your positive meter.  

  1. Start the day with a positive affirmation
  2. Think positive thoughts on purpose
  3. Speak uplifting words (No negative talk)
  4. Find humor in bad situations
  5. Pay attention to good things 
  6. View funny video clips
  7. Tell a joke
  8. Relax 
  9. Embrace each day as a challenge to see the best in everything
  10. Check out some good comedy
  11. Listen to upbeat music
  12. Read a book with a happy ending
  13. Turn failures into lessons
  14. Focus on the present
  15. Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers
  16. Do something silly
  17. Laugh at yourself...laugh period
  18. Put a smile on your face
  19. Create personal space to set your mind in the right direction
  20.  Daydream 

Challenge yourself if you desire living a more creative, original life. We’ve heard the saying “think positively” and “turn your frown upside down” since childhood. Perhaps now the true importance of this adage speaks more profoundly to you. 

Now...go have fun! Be happy! And, for goodness sake, create!