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29 Days of L-O-V-E

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we’ve created a daily list of to-dos for the month of February. Love is truly all you need. We are designed to love and be loved. Embrace the season of love and commit to be loving ALL year round.


Day 1: 

Look up the definition of love

Day 2: 

Make a list of who you love

Day 3: 

Think about what you love

Day 4: 

Contemplate how you love

Day 5: 

Write a love letter

Day 6: 

Read a love story

Day 7: 

Eat what you love

Day 8:  

Watch a romantic movie

Day 9: 

Celebrate emotions today

Day 10: 

Hold hands on a walk 

Day 11:

Send a loving text message

Day 12:

Do an activity that you love

Day 13:

Share a box of Sweethearts candy  

Day 14:

Create a homemade valentine card

Day 15:

Volunteer for a cause that speaks to your heart

Day 16:

Prepare and serve breakfast in bed

Day 17:

Bake heart-shaped cookies

Day 18:

Kiss your beloved

Day 19:

Go on a date

Day 20:

Surprise a loved one with a special outing

Day 21:

Give a loving compliment to each family member

Day 22:

Relive the memory of falling in love

Day 23:

Make love, not war

Day 24:

Perform a random act of kindness  

Day 25:

Hug a friend

Day 26:

Revel in emotions  

Day 27:

Say “I love you”  

Day 28:

Love others

Day 29:

Remember to love yourself