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Time is of the Essence

Not sure if you feel the same, but time seems to simply evaporate. This seems to be a common theme amongst us all. No matter who you talk to the feeling that we are already mid year is almost incomprehensible. Where does time go? And, what do we do to adapt and embrace ever-fleeting time?  It is the ever-quickly passing moments that mark our lives. Making memories count and living life to its fullest is not a cliche; this is true and real. If you delve deep into your life, what do you find? Are you embracing each and every...

Today is Special

A new season is here! Yessssss! It is summer. Kids around the country are all in on this celebration. If we are honest, most parents are too. Who doesn’t like to take a break from the normal routine? When thinking about what to write about this month, I thought that we should tackle what important calendar events will occur over the summer. You know...keep it relevant. So, June means school is out, and Father’s Day is celebrated. In July, it’s Independence Day and summer camp activities. In August, vacations are in full swing and back to school gets underway. The...

Ratio Meets Design

In the world of decals, it’s all about the ratio. At SOE, we often get questions regarding changing either width or height of decals. This blog is to help guide you through the art of sizing your next masterpiece. Let’s get to it! How Do I Pick The Right Size For My Custom Decal?  The decal dimensions are defined as width by height. Width is how long the art is from one side to the other. And the height is how tall the decal is.   The Effect Of Size Modifications On The Overall Design   Remember that it doesn’t matter if...

Finding Your Muse

How do you unleash your creative muse? Better yet, what is a muse? A muse is a person or personified force that is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.  Historically, the “muse” referred to one of the Greek goddesses that personified the arts and sciences. They anthropomorphized inspiration and the desire to obtain it. Over time the meaning has evolved. As you are likely aware, many renowned artists were inspired by a muse. Dora Maar was the muse and lover of Picasso. Maar was an artist of photography and inspired many of Picasso’s famous paintings, among which are...

Defining Moments

Our lives are made up of moments. A single moment can change our life’s trajectory. Because of this, taking time to reflect on defining moments is important to self discovery. How do you go about this exercise? Introspection   Can you recollect a moment that significantly impacted the direction of your life? Reflect back on your meaningful moments. They can be big or small, but must be poignant.  Insight  What do these moments have in common? What do they reveal about your character? What strengths and weaknesses did they bring forth? How did you express them? Did you notice this at...