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Outside the Box Thinking

How do you spark fresh ideas? Here are some simple activities to help you think in innovative ways.  

Simplify and meditate. The  very process of figuring out how to explain a complex problem in simple terms results in an innovative solution. Breathe in and listen. You may end up unleashing an unexpected new intellection. 

Understand the why. Asking the why reveals new perspectives and makes way for creative thinking. Openness to all ideas leads to the best ones.

Try something new. Maybe approach a problem from a different angle than usual. Give yourself time to ponder prior to replying to somebody else. Look for differing points of view. The discovery and the generation of different thoughts and new behaviors becomes a real likelihood.

Set a goal or make a vision board. Images can inspire you. Remind yourself on the regular of where or what it is you're working toward. 

Study. Learning something new can help you look at the things you already know how to do from a completely different angle.

Keep an “active” notepad. Make a note (whether on your phone or on a paper pad) of what inspires you to feel or question. Read over them every once and a while. Innovative ideas take time to flourish. Let a thought percolate.

Workout. Get up and get going! Moving increases your endorphins and gets the blood flowing which has the tendency to open the mind. Start today!

Exercise Your Brain Use your brain muscles. Work a crossword puzzle. Do Sudoku. Play a challenging game. Get the neurotransmitters firing!

Explore the arts. Draw. Paint. Color. Write. Sing. Dance. Let the creative process broaden your inner horizons and spark a new idea and free your thoughts. Spark your creativity and boost your idea power.

Listen to what inspires you. Studies have shown that listening to classical music increases creativity. Perhaps listening to a podcast or daily devotional elicits your imagination. Either way, turn up the volume!  

Take the time to read something you would not normally read. Start a book. Browse the local library. Pick up a magazine (online is fine). Expanding your knowledge broadens your database of ideas.

Ask a child what they would do. With their pure and vivid imaginations, children are natural innovators. Their sense of curiosity leads them down paths of exploration and mind expansion. Think like a child today.

Diversify the company you keep. Engage in conversation with different types of people. Let varying backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, personalities, and beliefs expand your idea base.

Ask “What would I do differently if I were starting from scratch?” Imagining a clean slate can help you change perspective and think outside the box. Start at the very beginning. What would you do from there?

Live. Laugh. Love. Embrace the highs and lows of life. And, don’t take yourself too seriously. Our experiences are designed to add color and depth to life’s journey. So, be happy and release your creative potential.