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Instructions to Install your Decal

If you are looking for a decor change, motivational or inspirational wall art, or business signage, then wall decals are a real option for you. Wall decals are cost-effective and easy to apply & remove. And, most importantly, vinyl wall decals are customizable. 

All you need is to share your vision with an expert, who will collaborate on your project. And, when your vinyl decal arrives, follow the below application instructions. 

Prep Work

After unpacking a decal, you may need to lay the decal on a flat surface to let it relax. Use a hard but gentle edge (squeegee, credit card, plastic scraper, etc.) to smooth out any wrinkles. Work from the middle outwards.

You may want to clean the wall prior to application so that the decal adheres tightly. Remove dirt and oil by using a damp sponge or clean towel. Be sure the wall is dry before placing the decal. If you’ve just painted the wall, allow two weeks for the paint to cure before putting the decal on the wall. 

Finalize the Placement 

Cut vinyl decals are not repositionable. Given this, to avoid damaging the decal, be certain that you’ve nailed down it’s positioning. Decals are recommended for smooth or lightly textured surfaces for best results. So, pick a spot accordingly. Place the decal on the wall so that you see the lettering and/or image through the semi-transparent top layer. Tape the top corners of the decal to the wall. Masking or painting tape works well and will not damage the surface. Step back and examine how the decal looks within the space. Make any adjustments until you are satisfied with the look. For best results, line up a level with the bottom of your letters or image to ensure that the decal is straight.

Apply the Decal

Once you know where the decal will display, you’re ready to apply it. A decal comes to you in three layers. The top layer is the transfer tape. The middle is the actual vinyl decal. The bottom is the paper backing. (When you remove the backer, all glues will be exposed to the wall allowing the decal to stick to the surface.)

Starting from a corner, peel off the bottom layer/backer (not the transfer tape) from the other layers at a 45 degree angle. Once the backer is removed, place the transfer tape and vinyl on the surface. Use a hard but gentle edge and rub firmly over the semi-transparent top layer to secure the vinyl on the wall. Work from the center out. If you find some vinyl remains on the transfer tape as you pull it away from the backer, simply move the tape back from where you came and apply pressure again to the pieces of finicky vinyl.

For larger decals, adhere a piece of tape vertically in the middle of the decal to create a hinge. Start applying the decal as explained above on one side of the hinge. Once the backer is removed from the other layers and half the decal is on the wall, cut off the backer as close to the vertical hinge as possible. Remove your hinge and move to the other side. 

Removal of the Wall Decal

True benefits of using a vinyl wall decal is it is easily removed and leaves an undamaged surface. Use a pair of tweezers and pull at the corner of the decal. Work slowly and steadily as you pull the vinyl from the surface. Should you find the decal wants to remain adhered, it helps to warm the vinyl with a hair dryer making it more pliable for removal. 


It’s time to get creative. What other walls need an artistic touch? The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and get stuck on your expression.