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Finding Your Muse

How do you unleash your creative muse? Better yet, what is a muse? A muse is a person or personified force that is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. 

Historically, the “muse” referred to one of the Greek goddesses that personified the arts and sciences. They anthropomorphized inspiration and the desire to obtain it. Over time the meaning has evolved. As you are likely aware, many renowned artists were inspired by a muse. Dora Maar was the muse and lover of Picasso. Maar was an artist of photography and inspired many of Picasso’s famous paintings, among which are Weeping Woman and Woman Dressing Her Hair. Of course, a muse does not have to be a person. Shakespeare personified his own internal creative spirit as a muse. This spirit or source that inspires an artist is what we are exploring here.

The process of summoning an inner muse and finding artistic inspiration is real. At times one’s muse flows freely while at others it’s elusive and unattainable. What do you rely on to enrich your creative life and provide you with ideas? How do you access your muse? Whatever your approach, let’s explore ways that may inspire and enrich your creative process. 

Process. Practice what you love. The creative process and its mastery is all about practice. Establish a formal daily routine involving your favorite artistry. Time set aside and dedicated to your beloved art form may result in increased creative output. 

Research. How do other artists in your form of creative expression develop their own creative muses? Explore what works for others because it may stimulate your innovation. 

Brainstorm. Take time to come up with original thoughts and ideas. Anything goes during the brainstorming process. Involve a friend or family member who has a different perspective. Stretching beyond your normal way of thinking may help get you unstuck. 

Regroup. Prescribe yourself a change of scenery. Maybe check out the natural world. You may find yourself replenished and inspired by all the beauty that is so often taken for granted. Head to the gym for a workout. Or, meditate. Switch out your normal landscape or habit. A change-up can elicit an unconscious burst of creativity in your artistic endeavours.

Refresh. Take a break. By simply walking away from the ‘artistic canvas’, you let your mind wander in a different direction. A change in mindset may be exactly what you need to bring vitality and innovation to your work. 

Experience. You might find your muse outside the realm of your project. Seek adventure in its many forms. It may stimulate your senses and open up your mind. 

Most importantly, if your muse presents itself, embrace it and thank the universe. If you lose it, don’t fear. For creativity flows from the soul so the muse will most certainly find you just like before.