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Time is of the Essence

Not sure if you feel the same, but time seems to simply evaporate. This seems to be a common theme amongst us all. No matter who you talk to the feeling that we are already mid year is almost incomprehensible. Where does time go? And, what do we do to adapt and embrace ever-fleeting time? 

It is the ever-quickly passing moments that mark our lives. Making memories count and living life to its fullest is not a cliche; this is true and real. If you delve deep into your life, what do you find? Are you embracing each and every day? Living it to the fullest? Finding joy? Building beauty?

Contemplating on how we navigate through our life sheds light on whether we are taking advantage of what is offered. How fast did the minutes on the clock pass for you today? Did you spend time in gratification and awe about what you experienced throughout the day? Let’s face it; it is difficult to be content and grateful about what life offers each day. However, it is possible. It is important. And, it is life changing. 

Now what? What can you do from here to create meaningful change in your life so that as time passes you don’t miss out on the minutes gifted to you (which as you are aware, add up to a lifetime)? Frankly, it is up to you. You are accountable for your own happiness. I cannot tell you how you must make room to recollect on the importance and impact of your time. You need to get creative, get real, and get started. Actually, if we are honest, we all do.