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Inspiring Gratefulness




the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness


Practicing gratitude results in a better life, one filled with greater measures of happiness and well-being. A grateful attitude can positively impact all areas of your life bringing you more peace and contentment. Gratitude unshackles you from negativity enhancing your ability to see the good. If you choose to reflect upon and appreciate your blessings, you will find that your perspective shifts, cultivating a more open and joyful heart.  

So, why not seek after a thankful spirit? It will take a concerted effort because life is life and we are human beings. Yet, the result is well worth it as you cultivate the gift of recognizing and enjoying goodness.   

One way to find inspiration is to simply ask yourself questions that trigger feelings of appreciation, which then lights up your soul and in turn the world around you. With this said, here is a list of questions that may help illicit gratefulness in your life. 

  • How many of your basic needs do you not need to worry about meeting today?
  • What’s an aspect of your physical health that you feel grateful for?
  • What relationships are you grateful for?
  • What’s one kind or thoughtful thing someone did for you recently? 
  • Have you helped someone this week and how did you feel as a result?
  • What made you laugh or smile in the past few days?
  • What is something enjoyable that you are allowed to experience everyday that you have come to take advantage of?
  • What have others done in your life that you’re grateful for?
  • What has inspired you lately?
  • Did you take time to say thank you for a good deed?
  • What’s an aspect of your personality that you’re grateful for?
  • How have you used your talents recently? And, how did this bring you joy?
  • How have your spiritual beliefs or practices fulfilled you recently?
  • What happened today/yesterday/this week/this month/this year that you’re grateful for?
  • Have you experienced any blessings in disguise as of late?
  • What have you learned lately that will benefit you in the future?
  • Who made a positive difference in your life as of late?  
  • Can you think of any non-physical gifts you’ve received lately (someone’s time, attention, understanding, or support)? How about what you gave others?
  • Who is always there for you? Who are you there for? And, how does this make you feel?
  • Did anything make you feel a sense of awe?
  • If you didn’t get what you wanted today, can you identify something in what you did get that’s worth having?
  • What do you enjoy with your senses at this very moment?
  • What lessons learned from yesterday can you celebrate today?
  • What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed about doing your job recently?
  • What recently reminded you that life is good? 
  • What or who recently reminded you that you are worthy of happiness and respect?
  • What have you seen in nature today or yesterday that made you feel happy, peaceful, or free?
  • What art affected your life for the better today? Music? Painting? Book? Movie?
  • What did you witness that reminded you that people can be good and kind?
  • Did you discover something new about yourself?
  • What beauty did you spot during your day?
  • What’s the best thing that happened today so far?
  • What about today has been better than yesterday?
  • What is something that you look forward to in the future?
  • What did you take for granted today? 
  • Can you create a list of the blessings in your life? 

“Today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.” –  Anonymous