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Connect Creativity with a Smile

Creativity finds its home in all areas of life if we simply open our minds and hearts. Characteristics associated with creativity include curiosity, ingenuity, flexibility, tenacity, self-transcendence, and innovativeness. Creative characteristics are not entirely innate; they can be learned and influenced.

Experts find a strong connection between creative expression and overall well being. A positive mood is found to broaden attention and allow us to see more possible solutions to the issues that we encounter. How do you turn on positivity? It’s

Facial expressions greatly affect one’s mood. It’s easy to smile when you feed good. However, when your mood is low, it’s more challenging. Smiling when you feel not-so-happy, can actually boost your mood. How? It signals your brain that you are actually happy. Well, that’s worth a try. 

Emotions may originate in the brain, but the muscles in the face either reinforce and/or transform feelings. Studies support that through the enhancement of positive emotions with facial expressions, a person's mood starts to identify more strongly with the emotion the face displays. And, the habitual act of smiling transforms the mind to a more positive space in general and for longer periods of time. 

Make smiling a part of each and every day to generate a greater sense of happiness and unleash your creative spirit. A simple grin can not only give you a mood boost, but may just get your creative juices flowing!