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Fall into Fall

Fall means the businesses of family life resumes. It’s good for everybody to get back into a routine. Yet truthfully, it can be difficult to fall into Fall. So, we need to change our mindsets to embrace a new schedule, a new rhythm to life. One thing on minds during this time of year is how do we manage the day-to-day effectively and keep the vibe as stress-free as possible. Look it may feel daunting, but you’ve got this. Let’s explore a few tips to help us get into the Fall swing. 

Organize and Prep

Pull it together! Being prepared and staying organized is a challenge for parents and students. Homework is an everyday affair. School activities are on. Carpools, buses, and drop off lines are packed. Sports are in season. And, at the same time, work is hectic for parents as the last quarter of the year winds down. What do you do to avoid becoming stressed out! Focus on getting children off to school with the necessary supplies and tools. Consider providing monogrammed bins for each child (and maybe even you). Every family citizens must place their belongings in their space prior to the next day. This includes sports gear, backpacks, uniforms, books, lunchboxes, etc. Label all your child’s belongings before they leave your house, so personal items don’t go missing. Everything has a place. Make sure everybody knows what is theirs to avoid “that’s mine” situations. The key to creating peace even amongst a little craziness is to be organized and prepared. Do it!

Become a Fan

Sports are on. Get your game on. What fall sport is your favorite? Football? Soccer? Hockey? Of course, you need to buy the gear to show your support (fun!). Need ideas? Put your kid’s team logo on a tumbler. Place a decal on your car showing that you are a proud parent. Display a sports decal on a bedroom or locker room wall. Boom! You are in business. Embrace the hecticness of practices, the joys of victories, and pains of defeat. Don’t forget to start thinking of fundraising ideas...t-shirts, hats, window stickers, etc. Get creative and live out your team spirit. 

Celebrate the Season

Life is busy, but time passes so quickly. Everybody says enjoy these family years because they fly by...and they really do. Make time to breathe and reflect upon special moments. Create pockets of time to play and relax with your family. Incorporate gratitude in your daily. Take time to say thank you for each other and what you have. It’s easy to take things for granted. If you need a reminder, post up a list of what you hold dear in your home. Special quotes or family rules hung around the house can make an impactful difference on living positively. Most importantly, celebrate the blessings of your children, spouse/partner, and friends. 

Take a Plunge

Fall into change. Fall into what is dearest to you. Fall into today.