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Get Your Back-to-School “Artsy” On

It’s August, which means we’re unwinding from summer and winding up for back-to-school. This means it’s time to get creative. Are you asking yourself why? 

School preparation presents opportunities to express oneself. Just think about it for a moment…picking out the color of your backpack, buying new school year clothes, labelling items you bring to school like notebooks and computers with stickers, and decorating classrooms or dorms. 

Now, do you see why this time of year is exciting and artistically stimulating? Embrace the artist within you during this time of year. 

Where to start? 

Many of the activities to prepare for school are perfect for self expression. Let’s explore. 

Go shopping!

Whether a student is a Kindergartener or Senior in highschool, kids of all ages are picking out school supplies from folders to tennis shoes. From the type of backpack chosen to what fills or hangs on it can provide a glimpse of one’s personality. Contents in a pencil case are many shades of the rainbow. Composition books and binders even make a statement. Make the school year start on a positive note by teaching your student to embrace creativity and self expression.

Get decorating!

Our teachers have likely been thinking about this school year’s classroom decor since they took it down at the end of last year. Welcome to the classroom, class rules, and school values can be personalized for a room’s walls, doors, or windows. No matter what the teacher wants to convey to students or what the theme, teachers can adapt classroom decor to their style.

How about your college-bound student? Dorm and apartment decorations that are cost-friendly and easy to apply and remove are great for temporary living arrangements. No need to deal with charges at move out since the walls won’t be damaged. Yay!  Also, consider ways to personalize items that are housed in a shared space, such as charges, cords, shower caddies, food crates, etc. Create a fun project that you can do with your soon-to-be out-of-the-house baby. 

Give back!

Make it a mission to find a local back-pack drive to give to. Spread the blessings and passion for learning with others. Buy your teacher’s a “welcome to the new year” gift..maybe even custom with his/her name on it. Sign up to volunteer at your child’s school or serve on the PTA/PTO. Serving the community and actively supporting the school is important for parents to do. Lead by example!  

Go all in!

Teach your child to embrace an event like back-to-school with enthusiasm and creativity. Life is a canvas so let’s encourage our children...future doctors, lawyers, dancers, firemen, painters, and live fully in the moment and celebrate milestones. Just go all in!