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The True Benefits of Decorating with Wall Decals

Where to start? How about "what is a wall decal aka a wall sticker"? It is a vinyl sticker that is displayed on the wall or any smooth surface, like windows, mirrors, and doors. Wall decals are meant for decorating and/or informational purposes. They are made for one-time use. They can be simple or elaborate; it all depends on the need. They fit perfectly into your home's or your business’ interior design. Think about filling a blank living room or bedroom wall with a mural. Think of shop hours, mission statements, or core values. Think of adding dots or stripes in the nursery or kitchen. If you let your imagination wander, you’ll certainly understand why wall decals are a versatile form of artwork. 

Now that we're clear on what a wall decal is, let's dive into the top five reasons to use wall decals to decorate your space. 

#1. Is Original Art Expressing Your Personality 

Put your own touch throughout your life canvas. The possibilities are endless. If you're looking to get motivated, be inspired, or send a message, wall decals are a perfect design tool for you. Make it personal and even create a one-of-a-kind saying or image to complete your space.

#2. Applies Easily  

Forget about stressful picture hanging, painting, or wallpapering. Just peel and stick it whenever you like. With wall decals, you’ll skip the hassle. 

#3. Offers Countless Options 

Design options are limitless. Use text, an image, or both. Use different fonts and colors. Use a specific size. There are truly various types, shapes, and sizes of vinyl stickers. You think of it. You can create it.

#4. Makes Redecorating Simple

Change is good! When you are ready for a change, simply peel off your wall decal sticker. The good news is that decals leave no marks or imperfections on the surface. Once removed, all you'll see is a new canvas awaiting your next masterpiece. Out with the old and in with the new! 

#5. Gives More for Less $$$

High-quality vinyl wall art décor can change a space. Decals add a different form of artistic expression to your decor. It’s a cost-effective and highly aesthetic alternative to purchasing expensive art or renovating. Plus, there's the added benefit of letting your creativity shine. much less hassle and more affordable.   

Ready to Recreate Your Space?

You’ll know if you’re a perfect candidate if one or many of the below is true. 

-Have walls? 

-Have a favorite quote, inspirational/motivational saying, or artsy project that you want displayed to see and enjoy?

-Don’t feel ready to commit to a large, costly project, but have an idea?

-Like visual change?

Want to make a statement?

Be a creator of your reality. Stick to your ideas. Use a new artistic tool, the wall decal.